Premium A+ Content: What It Means For You

Amazon just made a major announcement — and it’s great news for private label sellers. 

For the first time ever, Amazon will now be making its Premium A+ content available for all sellers who do business on the site.

Not only that — it’s completely free!

Access to this content has always been heavily restricted and was only ever exclusively available to the site’s top sellers, by invite only. But now, we all get to be part of the fun too — and hopefully get to start reaping some of the benefits that this tool has to offer.

So what exactly does the announcement mean? And why should you as a seller be excited about this news?

Let’s start by understanding more about the nature of this newly available content.


A+ Content vs. Premium A+ Content

The first thing you need to know is that not all product listings on Amazon are created equal.

While the typical Amazon layout we’re all used to seeing for products is the quintessential sales platform of the internet age, it is not the only version of an Amazon listing that exists.

Some product pages are embellished — with additional visual features that supplement the basic info and seamlessly offer an enhanced browsing and shopping experience for customers who view the product.

Let’s start with A+ content (also known as EBC)— the first level of an enhanced product page.

As opposed to an ordinary product page, with just a brief text description and a photo or two, the extra features of A+ content include:

  • Concise, effective intro
  • The ability to add visual banners at the top of the listing
  • Easy to read, bullet-point layout with space for more info about the product
  • Comparison charts for details of the product (limited)

There are many benefits to the A+ content layout. 

In the super competitive world of selling on Amazon, anything that can help get your product page noticed and clicked on more than others can be the difference maker in how well business goes for you — so A+ content can be a major factor in your success as a vendor. By Amazon’s own estimates, A+ content increases the likelihood of a sale by anywhere from 3 to 10 percent on average. 

Here is an example from Best Seller Listers of a post with A+ Content

Premium A+ Content goes a step further and takes all of this to the next level.

Premium A+ (also known as A++) virtually eliminates all text from your product page, and replaces it with elaborate, eye-grabbing, cutting edge imagery and interactive layouts.

It also opens up the entire width of the page to visual imagery, allowing for a totally different and enhanced experience for anyone who clicks on your product and gets a chance to view it.  

The photo and video utilize your entire screen to draw in the potential customer’s attention? This is truly a maximization of what the limited space a computer or phone screen offers.

The other popular aspect of Premium A+ is the advanced and interactive ways that information can be presented, rather than having to just state things in boring text.

This includes things like a clickable Q & A section, elaborate product comparison charts, captivating carousel modules, and space to showcase testimonials.

Premium A+ is also optimized to look great on mobile devices.

Some additional features offered in Premium A+ include:

  • Strict character limits to ensure a slick appearance 
  • 16 extra cutting-edge modules to choose from
  • Video capabilities
  • Multiple sizing options for visual displays
  • Voice-based functions
  • Extra space
  • Up to seven modules per product page
  • Unrestricted access to all regular A+ content features

Premium A+ content is said to increase the conversion rate on your products by a whopping 15%.

This enhanced visual experience has been so coveted by vendors, that not only was it available by invite only up till now, but it has also traditionally cost a huuuuge amount in order to access — companies have been paying anywhere from $250K to $500K per product to access it. As you can imagine, this typically meant that only major, world industry-leading brands had any hope of ever accessing this extremely effective sales tool.

So you can hopefully now see why I feel that having all this at our disposal now — and, once again, completely for free — can be a game changer for regular, everyday vendors like us. 

So let’s get started!

Ready to upgrade your listing with A++ Content? I’m here to help you make the most of this incredible opportunity, and ensure it adds to your success in selling on the site!