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  • Held back from expanding you product line by Amazon restrictions?
  • Restricted from selling a great deal of products you just sourced because its in a restricted category?
  • Aware that products that are under restricted categories are the least competitive and have the most potentials?
  • Going through the process of getting ungated and finding yourself talking to the walls?

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Fact: Selling Products under restricted categories is the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business on Amazon. There are so many hidden opportunities: beauty, grocery, topicals, sports and nutrition, dietary supplements, watches, pet products…

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Our Policies



The privacy of our clients is one of utmost importance. Best Seller Listers will maintain the privacy of all orders, and will not reveal any client contact information, brand information, product details, photos, instructions, or live listings – everything remains securely in our encrypted database.


Best Seller Listers has a proven record of bringing the best quality services possible to our clients. However, there are no guarantees of sales results or conversions, as there are too many other factors that play a role in a successful Amazon listing. (Like, Seller account health, Price, reviews, Inventory, etc.)



Each project must be paid for before it can be delivered. Once the order has been delivered, payments cannot be refunded.

Payment Methods:

  • Zelle / Quickpay.
  • Venmo.
  • Credit Cards.
  • ACH & Bank Wire


Every Listing related order includes 3 free revisions within 3 days of delivery. This service is free of charge. After the 3 days period, we will be glad to make any revisions at the request of the client. But we reserve the right to charge after that.

YourSatisfactionIs Our Priority


Our dedicated team of amazon experts and top notch copy writers are constantly monitoring the Amazon guidelines in regard to the product listing creation to make sure that all of our techniques, formatting, and content comply with the Amazon TOS standards.

Even with the current brutal competition on Amazons, we can take your product and turn it into a BEST SELLER!  Well, that’s our name.

Our professional team have been trained on how to talk to the amazon customers with written sales copy to get into their psyche, we know how to make your product sound unique and show off the best features & benefits!

We will work with you to understand exactly how your product works and what features makes it better than the competition. You know your products best and we know listing writing. together as a team we will make your products stand out and come up to the top of the search results.

Be Our NextSuccessStory


Thanks for getting me ungated or topicals category. must admit, i was tenderhooks that you could do it after being turned down by amazon multiple times, but you did it. and im glad you did it legally so i dont have to be afraid of getting blocked again in the future.

Jonathan K.
Amazon Seller
AMZ Open team is amazing. i tried getting ungated for toys and baby category for a while, i did all efforts, opened several cases adn provided all documents but was rejected every time. im glad you guys accepted the challenge and got me approved for both categories within 3 days. still not sure how but i dont really care.
Eddie R
Brand Owner
You make the impossible possible. i bought a full load of branded products and then i found out that im restricted to sell that brand and in that category. amazon didn't want to help me, im glad i found you guys to get me approved for the brand and category within a few days.
On top of that, your friendly customer service and willingness to help made it even more amazing.
Jacob L.
Sales Manager