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  • Held back from expanding you product line by Amazon restrictions?
  • Restricted from selling a great deal of products you just sourced because its in a restricted category?
  • Aware that products that are under restricted categories are the least competitive and have the most potentials?
  • Going through the process of getting ungated and finding yourself talking to the walls?

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Fact: Selling Products under restricted categories is the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business on Amazon. There are so many hidden opportunities: beauty, grocery, topicals, sports and nutrition, dietary supplements, watches, pet products…

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Thanks for getting me ungated or topicals category. must admit, i was tenderhooks that you could do it after being turned down by amazon multiple times, but you did it. and im glad you did it legally so i dont have to be afraid of getting blocked again in the future.

Jonathan K.
Amazon Seller
AMZ Open team is amazing. i tried getting ungated for toys and baby category for a while, i did all efforts, opened several cases adn provided all documents but was rejected every time. im glad you guys accepted the challenge and got me approved for both categories within 3 days. still not sure how but i dont really care.
Eddie R
Brand Owner
You make the impossible possible. i bought a full load of branded products and then i found out that im restricted to sell that brand and in that category. amazon didn't want to help me, im glad i found you guys to get me approved for the brand and category within a few days.
On top of that, your friendly customer service and willingness to help made it even more amazing.
Jacob L.
Sales Manager