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What is a Product Launch?

A launch is a deeply discounted promotional giveaway used to further your keyword ranking on Amazon, allowing your listings to get to page 1 to capture more impressions, clicks, and sales.

Get the ranking of your amazon listings a powerful boost to bring it up to the top pages within days of launching and aim to become a #1 Best Seller ASAP.

Our product launch method has been proven by many top sellers to have the fastest and strongest effect of the overall BSR ranking and the page position of top keywords from all categories on amazon!

And the best of all, our process is all within Amazon’s (TOS) Terms of Service.

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The Process



We will promote your products to our private group of Amazon buyers and bloggers from all over the US.


The interested buyers will purchase your product for full price with a manual keyword search.


Once we receive proof of order, they will be provided with a rebate as a courtesy for trying your product.


We manage the entire rebate process. So sellers don’t have to worry about keeping track of orders and process rebates.

Be Our NextSuccessStory


Wow, I'm so glad that I found this company after struggling with my sales for months, I gave this launch service a try and 2 out of 3 of my listings achieved the #1 best seller badge within 3 weeks, now waiting patiently for my other listing to get there.

Sara F
Brand Owner
This is the real deal, after trying and failing with the many other popular giveaway platforms out there, I stuck with BSL as it has a much quicker effect on the overall BSR ranking and got my listings to the 1st page for my main keywords and stayed there for weeks already (lets hope forever).
Chaim S.
Amazon Seller
Wow, i never believed in magic, until i tried your giveaways services. ive struggles with one of my products that didnt sell for months, i tried aggressive ppc and other marketing tactics, nothing worked. i decided to give this a try and boom, my sales skyrocketed and its still booming ever since.
Jack M.
Sales Manager
$ 3.5 0
Per Unit
The minimum is 50 units per order

Discounts available for orders of over 500 units per order



  • Send us the link or ASIN of the listing.
  • Send us the keyword that you want to rank for.
  • Tell us how many units you want to give away.
  • We will follow up with an invoice, (the invoice will include our fees + your products purchase price + the bank fees.)
  • We will start the process once payment is done.



We are in no way responsible for anything that happens to a seller account or the listing.

We are just getting paid to promote your products to reach customers to boost your new product launch.

We hold no responsibility if issues arise that causes us to pause or stop the giveaways once a promotion has started.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Glitches with messaging systems we use to connect with buyers
    Amazon app or website server issues or outages
  • Any issues with payment accounts
  • Any issues with the product listings themselves, inability to checkout, pricing changes, etc.
  • Any other glitches or mishaps that may impact the promotional orders once it has started

By ordering a promotion with us, you are agreeing to a contract that you are ordering a promotion at your own risk.
There will be no refunds issued and no disputes over any payments if a small issue may arise mid promotion.

We strive for excellence in serving our clients and fast resolutions when issues arise.
It is our priority to continue promotions promptly for our clients once any issues are resolved.

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