Milk Frother

Milk Frother


Premium Handheld Electric Milk Frother With Stand | Hand Mixer to Make Foam Frothed Milk for Coffee, Cappuccino, Lattes, Mochas & Hot Chocolate | Stick Blender with Steel Whisk


🥛 ENJOY DELICIOUS FROTHED MILK IN 20 SECONDS – Whip up your own rich, perfectly fluffy cream, or prepare mouthwatering powdered chocolate beverages and milkshakes for your aromatic cappuccino from the comfort of your home kitchen. Are you a fitness enthusiast? Mix your favorite sports formulas and protein drinks fast and easy every day.

🥛 UNRIVALLED TOP QUALITY & EXQUISITE STYLE – Featuring a powerful, single speed motor and rustproof, stainless steel whisk and stem. this electric, battery-operated foam maker features a stylish design and vibrant purple color, this beautiful drink mixer will instantly brighten up your home kitchen and become the best companion for every hot or cold drink.

🥛 ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR COMFORTABLE GRIP – Forget about all your old handheld mixers that always gave you a hard time with their inconvenient push buttons. This ergonomically designed coffee and milk frother wand is thoughtfully designed with your utmost comfort in mind, promising comfortable, soft whisking without effort.

🥛 LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE KITCHEN APPLIANCE – Make your life easier with this lovely foam maker, which also comes with a stand for easy and convenient storage. Small in size and super practical, you can pack this genius drink mixer in your bag or backpack and enjoy some delicious, creamy, homemade frothed milk at your trips, camping, picnics, or holidays.

🥛 FREE GIFT – INCLUDES E-BOOKS OF 20 LATTE RECIPES – When you choose to order a MORHET milk frother machine, you are not only getting an amazing kitchen appliance, you are also getting 2 free E-books of 10 STARBUCKS recipes and 10 general milk shake or coffee latte recipes.